OpenBIM Studio – Full scale virtual prototypes

OpenBIM Studio is a new way to experience building projects - long time before they are finished. OpenBIM Studio results in more qualified dialogue, design, and user involvement processes that secure that all stake holders will get ownership to the projects. OpenBIM Studio addresses professionals in the building industry – but is just as relevant for non-professionals and end users for whom a close to reality experience of a given project is much more useful than flat 2-D drawings, spread sheets and visualisations.

Sometimes it is first when builders and end-users are handed a finished building project that the errors turn up – but then it is often to late, and very expensive, to correct basic design mistakes. That is also the reason why consultants and builders create ”mock-ups” – full-scale model sections – for large projects, in order to secure that all involved parties understand the suggested solutions. A much cheaper solution – that also provides a more realistic picture of the finished project is to show the BIM model in OpenBIM Studio.

This way consultants and end-users get an early understanding of the project, while they also are able to identify undesired ideas before the craftsmen start working at the building site and it is not only a small section – as it’s the case when using mock-ups – but the whole project that is presented digitally. 

Find out about OpenBIM Studio
and what it can do for your project

BIM Equity provides a full OpenBIM Studio experience.

All we need from you is a 3D or BIM model of your project that we can optimize for use in our OpenBIM Studio. Our price incorporates preparation of the 3D/BIM model, so the price only reflects how long time you wish to spend in OpenBIM Studio.

Contact us via the form and learn about OpenBIM Studio and the benefits with Virtual Prototypes in 1:1 scale. ROI comes from better projects, efficient construction phase and optimized solutions for the management of facilities.

Prices for session vouchers:

5 x 3 hours use of OpenBIM Studio, € 5 250

10 x 3 hours use of OpenBIM Studio, € 9 700

10 x 6 hours use of OpenBIM Studio, € 16 100

The process of Virtual Prototypes in full scale


Conceptual design process in real time

  • Co-creation between designers and users
  • Full-scale design of area and space
  • Modifiable modular building blocks
  • Real time 1:1 scale output for test and analysis  

Improve space, functionality and solutions

  • Full-scale project presentations
  • Increased number of iterations with consultants and users
  • Gamification for analysis and test
  • Cost efficient test environment
  • Qualified decisions
  • Pre-usage processes

Virtual Prototypes in 1:1 scale

  • Enhanced project quality
  • Better coordination
  • Interdisciplinary understanding
  • Full-scale constructability analysis
  • Optimized procurement and planning
  • Improved site management

Full-scale virtual test environment

  • Enhanced Understanding
  • Qualified Input
  • Improved Functionality
  • Optimized Area & Environment
  • Wayfinding
  • Pre-use Trainings

Audit and optimize for FM

  • Full-scale FM prototypes
  • Qualified input
  • Optimize for operations and maintenance

Evaluate, audit and approve projects

  • Building permits
  • Citizen consultations
  • Work environment
  • Fire and safety    

Sweco Architects Case

At Sweco Architects Finland, we have a goal to create hospitals that support efficient and modern treatment processes, by lowering operational costs. We do this by involving doctors, nurses and service staff in our design processes, creating both a healing environment for patients and an inspiring workplace for the hospital organization. We believe that correct design management in combination with user involvement and proper coordination for construction will achieve a more efficient use of project budgets. The long term effect of our project workflow results in better solutions and lower life cycle costs for hospitals and healthcare projects

Jaakko Jauhiainen
Director Business Development
Sweco PM Ltd  


OpenBIM Studio – Design review in 1:1 scale

OpenBIM Studio is a Virtual 3D Cinema with a 180 degree view where projects are simulated in full scale based on BIM model input. The result is a 1:1 scale experience of the Virtual Prototype that enables endless opportunities for testing design scenarios regarding space, function, distance, colors, etc. – all that really matters for the end users of a certain building.

With OpenBIM Studio we are now offering project owners, developers, architects and engineers a BIM-based virtual environment for presentations, design reviews, validation and analysis through the early design stages. Large projects like hospitals, laboratories, shopping centers and hotels are extremely complex and needs interaction with end-users during the design stages of the project in order to secure and meet requirements where form, shape and spaces are combined with functionality.

We at BIM Equity believe that headlines like Healing Architecture and People in Focus expresses how important it is to include end-users of a building in the design process and hereby conduct well planned and thoroughly conducted design reviews. With OpenBIM Studio, 1:1 scale sessions can be tailored to every single stage of the design process.


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